Top ways to raise quarters for Laundry Love

Top Ways to Raise Quarters for Laundry Love.
By Jeff Jordan

(from our Laundry Love Peeps in Santa Anna)

Play quarters with the local street thugs.

Rob a tollbooth

Have your Grandpa “magically” pull them out from behind your ears.

Put a “Make a Wish Foundation” box in a store but secretly it is for Laundry Love

Open a kissing booth.

Bully Jeff Jordan into giving you his lunch money. (like so long ago…)

The other day I happened to notice a bunch of quarters in the fountain at Fashion Island.

Pull your teeth and leave them for the Tooth Fairy.

Host Bible studies at your house and check the couch cushions after they leave.

Invoke the “If I had a quarter for every time…” rule in your household.

Okay, so we had a little fun with it, but now that that’s over in all seriousness, here are a few ideas…

Serious Ways to Raise Quarters for Laundry Love

I left a jar on my desk at work and sent out an email for people to come by and put coins in it. I raised around 13 dollars or so and I plan on doing this every month.

You know all the loose change you get from fast food drive-thu’s? Keep a cup in your car and every time you get some change put it in the cup for Laundry Love.

Go around your neighborhood, door-to-door, with a cup and ask for any extra quarters your neighbors may have. This is especially good if you have cute kids to take with you.

Recycle class, paper etc. use the cash for quarters.

Well I hope this helps out a bit. You see how easy it is to collect loose change and use if for real change. As you can see, a little creativity can go a long way.

(photo by judybaxter)

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