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An economy of enough – an economy of relationships

A great look at how the Laundry Love ideas can be carried into all aspects of our giving:

This past Saturday, our one year anniversary at the Wash N Dry in Glenn Heights — we ran out of money for the first time ever.

We had a great time serving people and loving on them — meeting them where they were.

And the next morning I received a text from our friends in Waco who told us they had just helped a woman who hadn’t done laundry since winter because she had been out of work.

She finally had a new 40-hour-a-week job and was excited to come and do laundry.

Yet she didn’t have to pay for a thing because our Laundry Love friends were there to join with her.

That’s why we do Laundry Love. Sharing the burdens of others and blessing them in any way we can.

February re-cap — we’re all in this together

We just wrapped up another AMAZING night at Laundry Love on Saturday. I lost track of numbers Saturday night but we had some great conversations with friends (old and new).

LOVE making friends out of complete strangers.

Saturday night we met a student from Guinea, Africa, who is in the US studying English at the community college district I work for.

We met a man who’s living in a near by RV park who’s a retired Navy Vet and works on large turbines across the country.

We talked with a friend who we met several months back. She told us that her son wants to play pro-football. She said she’s told him several times that if he makes it to the pros he has to find a laundromat in his area and do his own Laundry Love — being a blessing because he’s been blessed.

In previous months I’ve also felt bad trying to keep a tight watch/grasp on our coin jar throughout the night — not wanting anyone to grab our jar in the midst of helping everyone.

I would hate for someone to think I don’t trust them.

This past Saturday, I kept a looser grip on the jar than normal and there were several times I’d set it down to go help a friend with their laundry in another part of the room.

As I’d help others, I noticed a couple of our new friends opened the jar after I walked away — and as I watched out of the corner of my eye I’d see them place money into the jar, rather than taking it out.

During the night, I believe $13 was donated back to the cause of helping others.

We’re truly all in this together.

Our next Laundry Love will be March 27th from 6-8 p.m. in Glenn Heights. At the Laundromat at Hampton Rd and Bear Creek. Come join us!

Laundry Love 2009 re-cap

Laundry Love Red Oak

It’s been an amazing eight months and every month we walk away with another great memory and story and several new friends.

If nothing else, I love how Laundry Love helps make friends out of strangers.

On average we help 15-20 individuals and families each month, spending anywhere from $60 – $120 a month.

We’ve stuffed over 2500 quarters into laundry machines, helping over 120 individuals and families.

I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who’s supported our efforts along the way. Looking forward to even more fun in 2010.

And if you’d like to get involved, we’d love to have you come join us the last Saturday of every month, or you can donate online as well.

Thanks again!

What project did you start in 2009 that you’ll continue on with in 2010?

Sharing life at the Laundromat

It’s amazing how giving away a jar full of quarters can seem like such a big deal at times.

We want to hold on to our money and be “wise as a serpent” when it comes to giving that money away.

Yet, our Laundry Love friends continue to show us just how valuable our quarters can become when we decide to share them with others.

Laundry Love is not about giving away quarters and simply donating a couple hours of time each month — it really is about so much more.
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Greg Russinger talks about Laundry Love

For #justicefriday ::

Greg shares about JustOne and the origins of Laundry Love People

Lots of good stuff in there. Well worth the 25 minutes.

What ideas does this spark in your mind’s eye?

Meet Candice

We met Candice in July. Take a couple minutes and hear her story.

We did at least 15 loads of laundry for Candice and her two daughters. So glad we could help.

Our monthly spending has doubled each month, going from $30, to $60, to $120 this past month. And we’ve enjoyed spending every quarter and meeting the great Laundry Love People in Glenn Heights like Candice.

We’re gonna need a lot more help if we keep doubling our spending each month – but we’ll be there – the last Saturday of the month – offering some love and hope for our neighbors.

What folks are saying (June 2009)

Here are a couple blog posts that were posted shortly after our June 2009 Laundry Love Project…

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