give change

Give change…

We invite you to join with us by donating and sponsoring us financially as we begin to help those in northern Ellis County and southern Dallas County.

One load of laundry costs between $2 and $3.50 (depending on the size of the load).

How many loads of clean clothes will you sponsor this month?

Let us know.

Or donate online via Paypal

(link will show funds going to jonathan (at) casadeblundell (dot) com)
give supplies

Other ways to give…

  • Purchase a LLP gumball/candy machine to be hosted in the community
  • Host a LLP gumball/candy machine in your local business
  • Buy some candy at a LLP machine in your community
  • Have your family save quarters for a local project

Interested, let us know.

Or donate online via Paypal

(link will show funds going to jonathan (at) casadeblundell (dot) com)

give your time

Give of your time…

While we greatly appreciate financial help, there are other ways you can get involved as well. We can always use more people lovers, meal providers, quarter collectors, machine stuffers, etc.

Interested, let us know.

Purchase $20 of Virtual Love

As part of the national and international Laundry Love Initiative, you can also purchase a virtual box of laundry detergent that benefits local Laundry Love Projects nationally as well as internationally.

With each Virtual Laundry Love Box sold, $10.00 will go to aid the laundry love projects around the US, and $10.00 will go to purchasing new laundry equipment for orphans and survivors of human trafficking living in safe, integral, and restorative houses and/or shelters.

Transitions Cambodia is one such organization providing safe shelter for girls rescued from the world of sex trafficking.

Partnering with you through the Virtual Laundry Box (VLB) we can provide 2 large capacity Hitachi washers costing roughly $1,700 (US) that will be purchased in the district where these safe houses are located. These will provide clean laundry for the girls and staff of Transition Cambodia, as well as invest in the local economy.

“100% of your purchase goes straight to the efforts”

You can PURCHASE a Virtual Laundry Love Box today through the JustOne Store or by sending a check to:

(please place VLLP on the memo).

Thank you for partnering in making Virtual Love happen.

Find out more about the Virtual Laundry Love Box.

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