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Laundry Love 2009 re-cap

Laundry Love Red Oak

It’s been an amazing eight months and every month we walk away with another great memory and story and several new friends.

If nothing else, I love how Laundry Love helps make friends out of strangers.

On average we help 15-20 individuals and families each month, spending anywhere from $60 – $120 a month.

We’ve stuffed over 2500 quarters into laundry machines, helping over 120 individuals and families.

I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who’s supported our efforts along the way. Looking forward to even more fun in 2010.

And if you’d like to get involved, we’d love to have you come join us the last Saturday of every month, or you can donate online as well.

Thanks again!

What project did you start in 2009 that you’ll continue on with in 2010?

Wash With Love

“a community of strangers that become friends”

“sometimes i feel like I’m the one that comes away with more change”

Laundry Love Siloam Springs, AR

From our friends in Northwest Arkansas ::

Also take some time to listen to some of the great things The Cobblestone Project is doing in Northwest Arkansas, in addition to their two Laundry Love efforts, working towards a community without needs.

Laundry Love Santa Ana featured in local paper

Santa Ana LLP

From the OC Register ::

SANTA ANA – They lined up early at the coin laundry near downtown, homeless men and women and poor families waiting not for food or for shelter, but for the simple dignity of a clean shirt.

The washers and driers were free Thursday night, plugged full of quarters by a small group of people who wanted to do something new to help. They called their project, Laundry Love.

A few dozen people lined up outside the Santa Ana coin laundry with bags full of clothes and blankets. Some had shirts that had gone weeks without seeing soap. Some had sleeping bags that had spent many nights on the pavement without a good wash.

“This is wonderful,” said Dolly Annette Arreguin, 55, who was planning to spend Thursday night on the concrete steps of a nearby church. She imagined pulling her newly washed sleeping bag around her and said, “I’m going to be in heaven.”

Read the rest of the article.

Greg Russinger talks about Laundry Love

For #justicefriday ::

Greg shares about JustOne and the origins of Laundry Love People

Lots of good stuff in there. Well worth the 25 minutes.

What ideas does this spark in your mind’s eye?

Video highlights

From our first Laundry Love Project in Glenn Heights…

Thanks to Jenn for putting this together!