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February re-cap — we’re all in this together

We just wrapped up another AMAZING night at Laundry Love on Saturday. I lost track of numbers Saturday night but we had some great conversations with friends (old and new).

LOVE making friends out of complete strangers.

Saturday night we met a student from Guinea, Africa, who is in the US studying English at the community college district I work for.

We met a man who’s living in a near by RV park who’s a retired Navy Vet and works on large turbines across the country.

We talked with a friend who we met several months back. She told us that her son wants to play pro-football. She said she’s told him several times that if he makes it to the pros he has to find a laundromat in his area and do his own Laundry Love — being a blessing because he’s been blessed.

In previous months I’ve also felt bad trying to keep a tight watch/grasp on our coin jar throughout the night — not wanting anyone to grab our jar in the midst of helping everyone.

I would hate for someone to think I don’t trust them.

This past Saturday, I kept a looser grip on the jar than normal and there were several times I’d set it down to go help a friend with their laundry in another part of the room.

As I’d help others, I noticed a couple of our new friends opened the jar after I walked away — and as I watched out of the corner of my eye I’d see them place money into the jar, rather than taking it out.

During the night, I believe $13 was donated back to the cause of helping others.

We’re truly all in this together.

Our next Laundry Love will be March 27th from 6-8 p.m. in Glenn Heights. At the Laundromat at Hampton Rd and Bear Creek. Come join us!


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