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An economy of enough – an economy of relationships

A great look at how the Laundry Love ideas can be carried into all aspects of our giving:

This past Saturday, our one year anniversary at the Wash N Dry in Glenn Heights — we ran out of money for the first time ever.

We had a great time serving people and loving on them — meeting them where they were.

And the next morning I received a text from our friends in Waco who told us they had just helped a woman who hadn’t done laundry since winter because she had been out of work.

She finally had a new 40-hour-a-week job and was excited to come and do laundry.

Yet she didn’t have to pay for a thing because our Laundry Love friends were there to join with her.

That’s why we do Laundry Love. Sharing the burdens of others and blessing them in any way we can.


Why Laundry Love?

laundry love

Originally posted at Change.org
By Greg Russinger

“If I had clean clothes maybe people would treat me like a human being.”

Little did we know that this simple statement would catapult an idea into a national initiative of compassion. The deafening sound of poverty and homelessness need attentive listeners who are willing to be led and taught by those most affected.

The Laundry Love idea was originally birthed through T-Bone, a beautiful soul who slept under the stars in Ventura California. T-Bone was more than some label or statistic for homelessness, he was a friend, a teacher, who gave his unmasked humanity freely so we wouldn’t lose our humane-ity.
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